Languages: C#, Python, F#, MATLAB/Simulink

Web: Blazor, Vue.js, Flask, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

DB: SQL Server, MongoDB, Vector DBs

DevOps: Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Git, CI/CD


Alpine F1 Team Sept 2023 - Present

Williams Racing F1 June 2022 – Sept 2022

  • Awarded Passion Award at Williams Early Careers Awards 2022. Selected out of all apprentices, interns, and graduates from all departments for my passion for software engineering.

  • Designed and developed a new C# REST API. Analysed users’ needs to map a complex domain into maintainable code. Extensive unit-test coverage and delivered under time pressure.

  • Migrated legacy codebase from an executable running on a virtual machine to a container running in a Kubernetes cluster. Improved observability of critical process by adding structured logging. Developed a terraform module to simplify network storage with Kubernetes which became a team standard.

  • Developed proof of concept system using Azure Functions in an event-driven architecture interacting with HTTP requests and multiple Kafka topics.


University of Warwick Oct 2020 – July 2023

BSc Discrete Mathematics (Mathematics & Computer science)

Rigorous undergraduate course. Specialised in complexity of algorithms, compiler/language design and reinforcement learning.